Do Not Worry

Have you ever had a concern, prayed about it and then, the next day, you read something and it speaks EXACTLY to what you  had just prayed about?  That happens to me–and I know that is God speaking to me.

Last week I had a big concern come up at work.  Of course I prayed alot about it, that God would help me with it.  But that night I woke up in the middle of the night thinking and worrying about it.  I kept telling myself that sitting there at 2 am in the dark thinking and worrying about this problem was not going to solve or change anything.  I kept telling myself to go back to sleep, but I just couldn’t.  I kept hearing a voice in my head telling me to stop worrying and to trust God.  I have come to learn, through many experiences, that when you hear that voice in your head that is surrounded by God’s light, that is not your voice.  That is God’s voice.  I finally did get back to sleep.

The next morning, when I got to work, I opened up a devotional book I had found in my new office, left behind by the previous occupant.  I had just decided the day before to start reading each day’s devotional when I got to work (they’re pretty short).  So, on this second day of reading the devotional, God spoke to me.  Here are just a few lines of that day’s devotional:  “I have found that victorious people in the Bible faced their problems with prayer.  They did not worry; they prayed.  I ask you today:  Do you worry or do you take your needs to God in prayer?”  and here is another, “The answer to your problem, whatever it may be, is not to worry, but praying and trusting that Jesus is leading you.”  (Love Out Loud by Joyce Meyer)

Now some people might call this a coincidence, but I know that God was speaking to me.  And His message helped me immensely.  Since then, the problem has been fixed and all is well.

God tells us all, always, “Do not worry, but trust in Me.”


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