In the Quiet

So God has been whispering to me for awhile now to journal the ways in which He speaks to me.  I think what made me finally get started today was that God has spoken to me a lot lately and that voice has been whispering more and more to get started with this blog and when I heard him speak to me today, I knew it was time to begin.  Because He has been speaking to me all of my life, these reflections will not be in any sort of chronological order, but rather, as I remember them.  And when I say “speaking” I don’t necessarily mean speaking the way you and I speak.  Rather, God talks to me in dreams, in devotional prayers that I read, in what others may say or do.  It goes on and on.  God “speaks” to us all of the time.  We, unfortunately, are not still enough.  We are not quiet enough.  We are not aware enough to always “hear” what He has to say.  Because God does not speak in thunder, fire, or howling wind.  He will not grab your shoulders and shake you awake.  No, he waits patiently for you.  He speaks in the stillness, in the quietness, in the small whisper in our minds that we often shoo away.  What are coincidences?  Are they just happen chance?  Really?  Or are those coincidences in life, the ones that make us shake our head in total unbelief, really God trying to show you that He hears you…and He is talking to you.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the dreams, events, things I hear, things I read, things that are just way too coincidental, are God’s words to me.  This blog is not meant to persuade or convince anyone of anything.  They are my experiences and my reflections.  If you become inspired by reading this, maybe God is speaking to you.

God speaks to us all the time.  These are some of the things He has said to me.


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